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During the course of history our family went through bad times. Hard destiny of our motherland, war conflicts, politics, changes of state borders caused an undo-able damage. Yet work of multiple generations is saved as a gallery / storage of old / historic items and documents. However, a lot of old treasures were destroyed and only few ones are saved. We a trying to preserve precious antique artifacts of the past since the end of 19th century. And now we want to show results of our work to public. We are not historians and we do not pretend to be scientifically significant. We just do what we love, what we can, what our ancestors started. 

Latvian coat of arms. By Antonina Jakovenko (Dubrovsky), canvas, lacquer. Year 1992.

All items featured in this gallery do exist. The gallery and the authors are located in Latvia. Unfortunately there is no means to organize all 2500 items as an 
"open to a wide public" museum. We plan to increase number of featured items in virtual gallery and real gallery. We also plan to add more information about gallery exhibits.

The homestead that started it all is destroyed long time ago, the only things left are the memories and drawings.

Antonina Jakovenko (Dubrovsky) "Grandfather's homestead" gouache. year 2015.
My Grandfather Dubrovsky Andrey build a homestead in Istra volost near town of Ludza.
Homestead construction started in 1927 and in 1975 it was disassembled and relocated to
the town Zilupe, yet it was never assembled again.

Antonina Jakovenko (Dubrovsky) "The mill" gouache. year 2016. 
My Grandfather Dubrovsky Andrey build a first (int the area) mill for manufacturing flax. 
The water level was raised using dam, falling water set in motion the mechanism of the mill.
In addition mill was grinding flax seeds.

Gallery authors and creators:

Sandra Luckāne
Lineal descendant of Dobrovsky family.
Editor of gallery latvian version.

Sergey Jakovenko
Lineal descendant of Dobrovsky family.
Author of the idea, gallery editor.


Cat, gallery warden.

 We hope, You will find it interesting!