09 Jun 2018
15 Mar 2018
13 Mar 2018
Alexander Dubrovsky March 13, 2018

Spinning wheel

Ancient machine for processing wool in a thread. A typical example for eastern Latvia. Birch wood. Early 20th century. Dimensions 125h90h40 cm....
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04 Mar 2018
03 Mar 2018
Alexander Dubrovsky March 03, 2018

Condensation coil - part of a moonshine distillation machine

The bent copper tube-coil was used as a cooler for alcohol-containing vapour. Cooling occurred by immersion in water. Cooled vapour turns into liquid alcohol by the time it reaches outlet of the coil. This technology has been developed centuries ago and has been successfully applied to the present d...
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05 Feb 2018
Alexander Dubrovsky February 05, 2018

Antique axe, hatchet, 19th century

universal tool that was used by artisans, shape of the handle allows to attach it to belt. Was used as hammer, ruler, utensil, personal weapon. If sharpened could be used for shaving or cutting cloth....
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05 Feb 2018
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